Torfaen Women's Aid
24 Hour Helpline: 01495 742052
Together we are stronger • Gyda'n gilydd rydyn yn gryfach

Torfaen Women’s Aid is an independent local charity based in Pontypool, which is run by women and provides services and support throughout Torfaen to women (and their children) experiencing Domestic Abuse.

We offer services to those who need to flee their homes for safety, but also those who are in their own tenancy but would like the emotional and practical support to live independently.

For access to Emergency Accommodation - day or night - call us on 01495 742052
For general enquiries email:

Services we provide:

  • Informaion Centre
  • Drop In
  • Emergency 24 Hour Helpline
  • Refuge
  • Floating Support

We also offer access to:

  • Counselling
  • Citizens Advice
  • Drug & Alcohol Advice
  • Legal Advice
  • Training